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Our team knows that quality depends on doing the right things at the right time (e.g., core clinical processes) and focusing on changes that matter to families (e.g., outcomes). Clients, families, and team members have a right to know how both processes and outcomes are monitored as a reflection of the quality of services provided by an organization. Our outcomes initiative is led by a team of dedicated, caring professionals who focus on accountability to families and stakeholders and contributing to the scientific literature to advance our understanding of treatment outcomes for speech and language early intervention services. 

Since our inception, we have carefully created and managed our intake, assessment, treatment, family guidance, and discharge preparation processes to ensure that families receive the best early intervention services possible. Our Clinical Directors evaluate the quality of programming for each and every child using a structured Case Review auditing process. In addition, we measure the quality of our processes by focusing on hiring and training a highly qualified workforce, creating manageable caseloads for our SLPs and SLPAs (goal is an average caseload of 40 appointments a week), fulfilling authorized services as promised and actively engaging families in the process of assessment and treatment.

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What our families say about us:

Read personal expereiences from clients of Thrive Speech Therapy.
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We value your feedback!

Providing feedback about your experience at Thrive Speech Therapy helps us to improve our clinics and ensure we are providing top-quality treatment for all clients we serve! 

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